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Published: March 15, 2001.


The conference program for Museums and the Web 2001 was exciting and informative for participants at all levels of museum web design. This year's program featured speakers from more than 25 countries. The meetings opened on Thursday with a plenary address, followed by a full day of sessions and two Crit Rooms. Friday began with the Birds of a Feather Breakfast and featured sessions on accessibility, portals, and data interchange. This day also featured a variety of Mini-Workshops. The final day, Saturday, began with two groups of demonstrations that were followed by sessions on design, licensing, schools, and new technology. MW2001 ended with a closing plenary.

Thursday March 15, 2001
9:00 AM-
10:00 AM


Opening Plenary

A Top Level Domain for Museums

10:30 AM-
12:00 PM

Experiencing Art

The Effect of Surrogation on Viewer Response to Expressional Qualities in Works of Art: Preliminary Findings from the Toledo Picture Study

Unseen Discussions:

A Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss

10:30 AM-
12:00 PM

If I had a Model...

1000 Years of the Olympic Games: Digital reconstruction at the home of the gods

Constructing A Virtual Museum of Machine Mechanism Models Imported from Germany during Japanese Westernization for Higher Education: 3D Animations Bas

Reconstructing Rosie: A digital experiment in facial reconstruction

10:30 AM-
12:00 PM


A Re-usable Software Framework for Authoring and Managing Web Exhibitions

Design and Analysis of Virtual Museums

Re-Purposing of Content and Digital Delivery Convergence: Implications for Interface Design

1:00 PM-
3:00 PM


Building Museum Brands for the Next Generation: Web sites that reach and keep young people

Evaluating the Usability of a Museum Web Site

"Less Clicking, More Watching": Results from User-Centered Design of a Multi-Institutional Web Site for Art and Culture

Making good use of user input: Incorporation of public evaluation into the system development process

1:00 PM-
3:00 PM

Crit Room 1

Hampshire Museum Service, UK

Yakima Valley Museum

University of Missouri-Columbia, Museum of Anthropology

1:00 PM-
3:00 PM

Tools for the Task

Requirements and Architecture for Administration and Maintenance of Digital Object Libraries

Informing or Performing: A Dilemma in Applying High Technologies to a Museum Web Site

Towards a Virtual Community

3:30 PM-
5:30 PM

Engineering the Future

Digital Embryo Library and Collaboratory Tools

OPALES: An Environment for Sharing Knowledge among Experts Working on Multimedia Archives

Co-operation Metaphors for Virtual Museums

3:30 PM-
5:30 PM


Crit Room 2

The Museum of New Mexico

The National Constitution Center

The Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

3:30 PM-
5:30 PM

Seeing Differently

"Beyond museum walls" – A critical analysis of emerging approaches to museum web-based education

Enhancing Museum Visitor Access Through Robotic Avatars Connected to the Web

The HyperMuseum Theme Generator System: Ontology-based Internet Support for the Active Use of Digital Museum Data for Teaching and Presentation

Providing Personal Assistance in the SAGRES Virtual Museum

Friday March 16, 2001
All day Exhibit Hall open
9:30 AM-
10:30 AM

Mini-Workshops: Authority Files, Cultural Web Design
11:00 AM-
12:00 PM

Mini-Workshops: Online Educators, Saving your Visit
12:30 PM-
1:30 PM

Mini-Workshops: Web Architecture, Strategic Design Planning
12:30 PM-
2:00 PM


Building a Web-based Collaborative Database-does it work?

A Museum-University Partnership to Develop Web-Based Educational Resources

Engaging Museums, Content Specialists, Educators, and Information Specialists: a Model and Examples

Collage and Content-based Image Retrieval: Collaboration for enhanced services for the London Guildhall Library

2:00 PM-
3:00 PM

Mini-Workshops: Institutional Calendar, New Narrative Structures from Old Data
3:30 PM-
5:00 PM


A New Way of Making Cultural Information Resources Visible on the Web: Museums and the Open Archives Initiative

Building on the mda SPECTRUM XML DTD for Collections Management Data Interchange

Saturday March 17, 2001
8:30 AM-
10:00 AM
Demo Sessions 1
10:30 AM-
12:00 PM
Demo Session 2
12:30 PM-
2:00 PM


Historical Map Collection Web Site

Augmenting On-line Exhibitions. Building a Multimedia Knowledge Repository: Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality on

Analysis of Learning, Experiences of Art and Ideas for Connections

12:30 PM-
2:00 PM

Preserving and Presenting Culture

On-line Collections Access at the Museum of English Rural Life

The Importance of Integrity in Virtual Environments : A Discussion of New Approaches to the Web:"Our World-Our Way of Life" Website

Digital Strategies

12:30 PM-
3:30 PM


Art Tales: A Story of Collaboration and Integration

The Whitney Goes to School: Chaos and Hopper

Virtual Museum Collaborations for Cultural Revitalization: The Four Directions Model

Bringing the Curatorial Process to the Web

Learning About Leonardo

Creating Online Galleries of Information for K-12 Audiences

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Accessibility Techniques for Museum Web Sites

Wired For Accessibility

Accessibility and New Technology in the Museum

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM

Dissemination Technologies

Using Interactive Broadband Multicasting in a Museum Lifelong Learning Program

Handscape - Mobile computing and museums

Streaming Audio and Video: New Challenges and Opportunities for Museums

4:00 PM-
5:00 PM


Closing Plenary

The Virtual Aura - Is There Space for Enchantment in a Technological World?

Extending the Virtual Museum: integrating museum with other kinds of websites