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Published: March 15, 2001.


Paolo Paolini
Full Professor
Politecnico di Milano
Dipartimento de Electtronica
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Italy

Paolo Paolini is the manager of HOC laboratory. He is full professor at Politecnico di Milano (Computer Graphic), Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano and Lecturer at the School of Communication Sciences at the University of Italian Switzerland (USI)-Lugano.

He has more than 70 published papers on the following subjects: relational Data Bases, Data Modeling, Abstract Data Types and Data Bases, Views for Data Bases, Automatic generation of documents, Hypermedia and WWW modeling and design, Multimedia implementation, Hypermedia evaluation, Automatic generation of Hypermedia (WWW), collaborative access to WWW, cultural applications of new technologies, use of advanced technologies for education and training.

He has been chairman of several conferences, including the ACM conference on Hypertext (1992-Milan). He is currently Associated editor of TOIS (transactions on Information Systems), an ACM journal.

He has been involved in 10 different European funded projects, and for several of them he has been scientific coordinator. (At the University of Italian Switzerland (Communication Science) he is developing a research activity on the communication based upon advanced technology and also on Digital Library.

At the University of Lecce he has developed the Telemedia Lab, active in advanced multimedia technologies and application. The Telemedia Lab currently employs nearly 15 people, and Paolini has kept strong scientific ties with it.

He has been professional active in the areas of Software Engineering, Information Systems analysis and design, Office Automation, Multimedia design and development, WWW design and development, tools for WWW and electronic commerce. He has also managed small companies in the IT area (up to 50 people), and coordinated several multidisciplinary working teams.)

Paolo will teach Tools and Techniques for Museum Collaborative Activites
Paolo will present Co-operation Metaphors for Virtual Museums