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Published: March 15, 2001.


MW2001 featured a variety of interactions that enabled attendees to learn from the concrete experiences of other museums, and harness the critical faculties of their peers. Mini-Workshops were one hour sessions designed to introduce tools, methods, or techniques for museum web sites. In the "Crit Rooms", a group of professionals reviewed museum web sites in "real time". Participants learned new techniques for looking at web sites and saw what other professionals thought were the good and bad aspects of web design.


Mini-Workshops have long been favorite sessions because they provide in-depth and sometimes hands-on, learning. These one hour pedagogically-oriented presentations introduced tools, methods, and techniques, highlighting their use at particular museums.

Friday March 16, 2001
9:30 AM-
10:30 AM

Authority Files

Authority File Information As Global Access Point To Cultural Heritage Data: Some New Concepts

9:30 AM-
10:30 AM


Cultural Web Design

Methodology for Cultural Web Design (CDM)

11:00 AM-
12:00 PM

Online Educators

Online Museum Educators: The Role of Real Teachers in the Online Museum Exhibition Process

11:00 AM-
12:00 PM

Saving your Visit

Save - So what do you put on your web site?

12:30 PM-
1:30 PM

Strategic Design Planning

Envisioning the E-Quarium: Strategic design planning for Monterey Bay Aquarium's web site

12:30 PM-
1:30 PM

Web Architecture

Web Architecture for Museums

2:00 PM-
3:00 PM

Institutional Calendar

Delivering an Institutional Calendar: A Case Study at the Walker Art Center

2:00 PM-
3:00 PM


New Narrative Structures from Old Data

Artifact as Inspiration: Using existing collections management systems to inform and create new narrative structures

Crit Rooms
Back by popular demand! In the "Crit Rooms", web designers, information architects, and site evaluators critiqued the web sites of conference volunteers. These sessions provided an opportunity to discover what other professionals value in web designs and to learn how group critique can be used in-house to improve any web site.

Thursday March 15, 2001

1:00 PM-
3:00 PM

Crit Room 1

Steve Dietz, Herminia Din, Mike Ellis, USA

Hampshire Museum Service, UK

Yakima Valley Museum

University of Missouri-Columbia, Museum of Anthropology

3:30 PM-
5:30 PM


Crit Room 2

Norbert Kanter, Germany
Glen Hoptman, Willy Lee, USA

The Museum of New Mexico

The National Constitution Center

The Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center