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Tour of the National Museum of America Jewish History


The National Museum of America Jewish History has just opened in November 2010, come have a personal tour of the new exhibitions with the Museum's Media Designer and Producer Jake Barton of Local Projects, and the Museum's Head Curator, Josh Perelman.  The Museum showcases a wide range of cutting edge media experiences, including the Contemporary Issues Forum a dialogue space that mixes custom stickies with video-capture, Its Your Story, a videobooth that creates a dynamic playback loop of visitor responses based on tagging, and Dreams of Freedom a 40' wide Media Sculpture with projected stories of immigrants onto enormous sheets of curled paper letters.


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Josh Perelman, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Exhibits, Programs, and Collections at the NMAJH. He has been working in museums for ten years and has over fifteen years experience working with Jewish organizations. Dr. Perelman served as chief curator of the Museum’s new core exhibition, overseeing...