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Multimedia guide, visitor interaction omnidirectional


NOUS will demonstrate a state-of-the-art visitor engagement and involvement concept with a show case of real interactions from the European Parliament in Brussels/Belgium.

Mobile interpretation tools are often seen as a singular entity with no connection and communication to e.g. room installations, archives, social networks and the exhibit and exhibition room itself.

Audio- and multimedia guide concepts with their communication these days work one way only. A mobile multimedia handheld with location based technology can communicate bi- and omnidirectional with exhibits, other visitors, etc.

The visitor with a mobile handheld can now communicate with exhibits, the exhibition itself, archives and leave comments (written, voice comments), vote or even trigger actions in the exhibition hall.

NOUS invented concepts for:

"be my key", "recognize me", "give me deeper information", "tell me a story", "translate me" and "let me control"

and combined staged media with a personal handheld device in exhibitions. 


Exhibitor Briefing - discuss your product. Confirmed Exhibitors only


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I have an undergraduate degree in art history and cultural anthropology from Arizona State University, as well as education from the International Center of Photography, & RMIT. As an exhibition developer I studied how people of different social backgrounds, cultures and skills came...