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One-to-one with the Artist: Ai Weiwei

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Social Media


One-to-One with the Artist: Ai Weiwei HomepageThe One-to-one project allows visitors to Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds at Tate Modern to upload a video. They can ask Weiwei a question about this work, his practice or his life. Visitors are encouraged to upload videos in either English or Chinese. The videos are uploaded to a dedicated section of Tate Online also available in either English or Chinese.

 One-to-One with the Artist: Ai Weiwei: Video answer from Ai WeiweWeiwei answers the questions and comments on many of the videos uploaded. He can reply either by uploading a video or by adding a text comment.

One-to-One with the Artist: Ai Weiwei: Written answer from Ai WeiweiVisitors can search for their videos on the site, see if Weiwei has answered and share their video to their own networks.

 One-to-One with the Artist: Ai Weiwei: Share your videoThose who cannot visit the exhibition can also browse the questions and comments by topic, seeing the responses from those who have been able to visit. There is also a Twitter hashtag to discuss the work, as Weiwei is a prolific tweeter. 

So far, more than 14,000 visitor videos have been added to the site. To help filter, videos can be recommended, and the most popular videos are featured on the home page.

This project builds on Ai Weiwei's own use of social media, and provides an innovative way for gallery visitors to interact directly with him.