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Producer: Interactive Media
Tate Online
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I am currently Producer: Interactive Media at Tate in the UK. As the title suggests, I'm focused on online interactive projects - particularly in user-generated content and generally in talking to audiences (otherwise known as real people!).

I've been working in Tate Online for about 3 years, and before that I specialised in non-text interpretation for Tate Britain. Before that I freelanced; leading workshops, editing and writing texts, selecting contextual/archival material and generally telling the stories around artworks.

I am an art evangelist, and like the idea that the web provides lots of ways for art to get embedded in our daily lives.

Having one foot in the gallery and one online I'm really interested in providing specific experiences for museum audiences wherever they are or however they are touching the institution.

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2012 Nomination
The Unilever Series: Tacita Dean
2011 Nomination
One-to-one with the Artist: Ai Weiwei

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I attended MW2011.
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