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Steve Tagger


Steve in Action Project Team




Research | Online Collection

Why is a site that is centered around tagging. The site contains objects from multiple institutions and has collected over 450,00 tags. One of the main goals of the project when creating this site was to make tagging easy. The site provides many interesting features to reach this goal.

Each object is displayed with images and metadata provided by the partner institution. The Steve Tagger has a very flexible metadata model so that museums can provide their own specific data.

The site search functionality allows for discovery of objects from across all of the institutions. Along with keyword searching it is possible to filter the search results by some common fields including: Creator, Created Date, Medium, Type, and by Term. This allows for great flexibility when trying to find a specific object in the site.

Partner institutions have the ability to create custom tagging environments. These environments can be branded to have a similar look to their own websites. Along with the branding, the site can be customized to offer different items on the front page and allows each environment to be restricted to a particular set of objects.

For institutions that want to integrate the Steve Tagger site functionality in their own websites two options are provided.

The Steve Tagger site provides a full REST api to allow integration with partner institutions. The api offers the ability to retrieve all of the tagging data stored on the Steve site. This data includes the tags on an object as well as any data related to an object. The api also allows data to be added including tag data, objects and images.

For partners that want a simpler way to integrate Steve data into their websites a Javascript Widget library was created. This library allows for the addition of Steve components into a webpage similar to how you would include a Youtube video in a webpage. The widgets include a tagging widget, a tag cloud widget, a search widget, and a latest tags widget. With just a few lines of code these widgets can be up and running on a website.