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Indianapolis Museum of Art
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Kyle is a new member of the IMA team but has been involved in professional software development efforts for the past seven years. He has worked on many different projects during that time including web survey tools and satellite ground systems. Kyle is also proficient with many different technologies including PHP, Javascript, MySql, Oracle, Java, ColdFusion, and others. Early in his career Kyle found that working on the web was where his passion was. To continue to grow that passion Kyle became involved as a developer with the PHP content management system MODx where he has been a core contributor for the past five years. Over that period Kyle has developed many add-on components for building menus, searching, and generating tag clouds.

This passion for the web led Kyle to his current position at the IMA. At the IMA, Kyle works as a developer on the social tagging project. With this project Kyle is developing software tools to provide museums a way to allow online tagging of their collections.

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