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Museums and the Web

An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.






Innovative | Experimental

Why is the first ‘intelligent’ search engine dedicated to art and Italian artistic and cultural heritage. uses a system of statistical-mathematical algorithms and semantic logic in order to index, classify, organize and collate content and information, present online on international and Italian websites, relating to the theme of art. The functioning of the search engine of utilizes taxonomic criteria in order to transpose online content (spidering), classifying it (ranking) and assigning it with a relevance (taxonomy classification) while also creating logical associations with other content present on the web (correlations). The main objectives of the search engine are: the relevance of the results of the research (relevancy) and the elimination of the non-pertinent content. is also a search engine which is open to interaction and collaboration with users. The users of will contribute to perfecting the search engine thanks to the use of a series of ‘social’ instruments such as: the attribution of a score to the results pages and the single informative sources (voting), the publication of comments and the signposting of new pertinent sources. In addition the users will be able to save the results of their searches (for personal and shared use), to create personalized informative feeds (via RSS or via email/newsletters), to share the results on the main social networks. is developed in versions in Italian and in English.

The project aims to become an open marketplace, an aggregator of news and an attractor of services and content for the numerous subjects and bodies within the sector such as museum organizations, cultural associations, institutions and publishing houses: the objective is to become a reference point in both Italian and international contexts for the field of art in Italy.

In order to achieve this, the main elements will consist of: databases of Italian museums, databases of the churches and ecclesiastical institutions of artistic and cultural significance, databases of monuments and Italian archaeological sites, databases of art galleries in Italy, calendars of events and artistic and cultural events in Italy, a marketplace for applications for web and mobile content with editorial content dedicated to art (books, magazines, apps…) interfaces with systems and services for online booking and e-ticketing, interfaces for interaction with systems and services for booking travel and hotels.