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I've worked in the field of Italian art and culture for ten years, for the last two years I have been involved in the project ARTE.IT is the first ‘intelligent’ search engine dedicated to art and Italian artistic and cultural heritage. ARTE.IT uses a system of statistical-mathematical algorithms and semantic logic in order to index, classify, organize and collate content and information, present online on international and Italian websites, relating to the theme of art. ARTE.IT is also a search engine which is open to interaction and collaboration with users. The users of ARTE.IT will contribute to perfecting the search engine thanks to the use of a series of ‘social’ instruments such as: the attribution of a score to the results pages and the single informative sources (voting), the publication of comments and the signposting of new pertinent sources. In addition the users will be able to save the results of their searches (for personal and shared use), to create personalized informative feeds (via RSS or via email/newsletters), to share the results on the main social networks.
ARTE.IT is developed in versions in Italian and in English.

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