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published: April, 2002

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Kris Wetterlund
2520 Colfax Avenue So.
Minneapolis MN
55405 USA
Email: krisw@sandboxstudios.org

Kris Wetterlund has been working with teachers as an art museum educator for the past ten years, in the education department at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and as Director of Education at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Wetterlund received her degree in art education from the University of Minnesota and is certified as a K- 12 Minnesota teacher. She has served as team leader in the St. Paul Public School’s writing of elementary art curriculum, and has authored art educational resources online, for both the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Minnesota Museum of American Art, including the award- winning Get the Picture: Thinking about Photographs. Currently Wetterlund is designing and implementing a Minnesota-wide two year teacher training program for ArtsConnectEd, an online partnership between The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Kris will present Pyramid Power: A Train-the-Trainer Model to Increase Teacher Usage of the ArtsConnectEd On-line Resource
Kris will present Crit Room - First Session