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published: April, 2002

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Small Shop, Big Site
David Greenfield, Skirball Cultural Center, USA

Mini-Workshop: How Small Institutions Implement Large Web Sites

One of the primary issues in small to medium sized institutions in their quest for the elusive, dynamic and compelling website is how to utilize their existing (and often, already stretched) resources to create a web site that is more then just an electronic postcard. This mini-workshop presentation will address these issues and provide some strategies and tools in how to develop and manage a big website on a shoestring budget.

Some of the issues to be discussed will be:

1) Utilization of institutional talent to create successful collaborations (i.e. educators, store managers, caf™ managers, marketing and PR, etc)

2) Prioritization and creation of site maps and production schedules (both for content and integration of technology) that allow a website to grow incrementally while developing the infrastructure to support it.

3) How to use and restructure existing content to make it web-friendly (virtual exhibitions, marketing photographs, etc)

4) Overcoming technical obstacles such as older technology (or lack of any technology)

5) Basic design concerns (graphics, text, images, etc)

6) Development tools (hardware, software)

Museums and the Web 2002 : Mini-Workshop