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Suggestions for the MW2012 Program?

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By Rich Cherry - Posted on 30 October 2011

There are always plenty of new things to discover at Museums and the Web. But to make sure that we're covering all the bases we need your help.

If you've got suggestions for how to make MW work better for you, or ideas about things that we should feature on the program, please let us know!

You can leave a comment here, or send us a private message.

Thanks in advance! Your contributions keep Museums and the Web interesting, useful and fun.

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I am interested in any seminars or partnerships, on virtual worlds 3D and immersive learning experience, we have a 3D project with old a 3d laboratory with a virtual library where children will perform virtual experiments on different subjects like Alchemy from the 1600, forensic archaeologicalmanalysis, excavating..etc. We would be interested in evaluation methodology when it comes to immersive experience, any interest in that?
Read about our project here

Sendt fra min iPad

Sendt fra min iPad

Alexandra Angeletaki, Norway

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We learn a whole lot from each others fails! yet it is something people still don't really talk about.

Why not have some kind of anonymous "Fail booth", a computer terminal perhaps. Thats
people can write down their fails (anonymously or not) which are collated during the conference and read out at a session or published online?

Erika Taylor.

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Thanks, Erika! We're definitely going to include the theme of sharing and learning from our failures in the MW2012 program. I agree this could be a great way to gather those important stories and records.