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Ideas for MW2013

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By Nancy Proctor - Posted on 14 April 2012

The next Museums and the Web meeting will be in Portland, Oregon April 17-20, 2013 at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront. Here are some ideas for MW2013 tweeted and otherwise contributed by the community; please add yours!

"Real user" crit sponsored by Portland-based SurveyMonkey at #mw2013?

link newbies with profs in the field. not meaning new to the conference, but new to the field

have little video promotions for sessions. --> program more interactive!

an exchange program, find someone in another institution while at conference to arrange a temporary job swap speakers from outside sector who are tackling similar problems...

real user crit room seriously would be fabulous!

Next year, a category for best museum cat, please. Coco will give the keynote. #MW2013 #MWCats

let's make sure there r more educators at #mw2013. Techies need content &audiences!

I predict more talks on video and livestreaming at #mw2013 :-)

get them involved in #mw2013 project to include more art at conf? Curators are here undercover but reluctant to uncloak :)

I think we should have a museum conference reception at a Maker lab... WHATCOULDGOWRONG??

how about doing #MW2014 on a cruise ship?  

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Thanks so much for all the great ideas. We are able to implement most of these in at least a pilot form in MW2013 - except the cruise ship! Stay tuned – and we'll be tapping many of you for further input!

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MW conferences may be a great place for putting together a list of research challenges, to try and direct academic research in areas of web and mobile technologies and novel intelligent user interfaces (large, situated displays, tabletops etc) for better supporting the museum visit experience online and onsite.

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Some ideas for MW2013:

1) MW would benefit from livestreaming at least the keynotes, the main sessions and the Best of the Web Awards, and keep it in a Web-TV section on the conference site. Why not open up for crowdsourcing livestreaming of all sessions/demonstrations, i.e. encourage people to livestream themselves when there's no official livestreaming?

2) It'd be excellent to invite one or two speakers from ex. educational sector and from the communications sector, to inspire and exchange ideas. Maybe as keynotes. I think it's essential to look at what others are doing.

3) The Unconference sessions: Why not put up a grid with rooms and time slots where people from the very first day of the conference can add their suggestions, and where people can add their interest in participation? Then everything is set on the day of the un conference sessions.

Kajsa Hartig
Digital Navigator, New media
Nordiska museet
Stockholm, Sweden

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This may be a rather non-academic suggestion, but one that would aid in the experience and in following up on inspiration and actionables later on: A program that has notes sections in line with session descriptions. A nice takeaway for those who like to keep organized and have a cohesive conference archive always at the ready!

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This is an increasingly important issue for almost all museums - I'd be happy to help put a session like this together

Director of Client Services
Eriksen Translations

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As Nancy hinted on Twitter, I have done a bit of research into staff exchanges and would be happy to share some initial ideas on how a peer-organized scheme might work. If there's interest, I'll put up a Google doc people can add to.

UPDATE: Here's a draft.

Comments welcomed. Please leave a name and email address if you make any edits.

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There's been some talk throughout the conference re: future locations. One idea I heard was Hawaii, and another idea was Mexico City.

I'd also love to see a track dedicated toward "0-60" - how to start projects. How do you get started in linked open data, creating a TAP tour, etc. We talk about projects a lot, but how can we actively implement some of these ideas?