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Project manager/Research Librarian
NTNU UniversityLibrary, Trondheim, Norway
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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A classical archaeologist, currently working as project manager and research librarian at the NTNU University Library of Trondheim, Norway.
Have been working with disemination strategies and digitilization issues since 2006 and a as a teacher-lecturer for Classical and European Archaeology at the same University since 2001. More on my work on

The last three years I have been working with different projects in order to promote digital resources. I am interested in new technology as a dissemination tool for both museums and libraries. I believe that we are in a period where exhibition startegies for Museum and Libraries are facing a challenge in being able to keep the public interest alive.
Started as a field archaeologist for the KA Greek Ephorate of antiquities since 1982 until 2000. Excavated several places and worked with museum registration work in Delos, Paros, Samos, Santorini. My Masters was on the burial customs in Santorini during the Archaic period.
Moved to Norway in 2000 and worked until 2006 as a lecturer for archaeology students at NTNU, teaching courses on Classical Archaeology, European Arcaheology, Archaeological Theory and Cultural history.

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