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An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

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About is a collaborative space for professionals creating culture, science and heritage on-line, hosted by the Museums and the Web team.

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Set up your account, and participate. Registration is free and open to all working in the field [broadly defined], or studying museum/cultural informatics. if you're already registered, update your profile with a photo and bio so others can find you and connect.

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Connect with professionals around the world, and help build our collective expertise. Some places to contribute:





Best of the Web

  • see the sites nominated for the Best of the Web awards each year.
  • registered users nominate sites for consideration for an award.
  • registered users vote for the People's Choice category each year before the Museums and the Web conference.


  • share references to research sources about culture, science and heritage on-line, including papers presented at Museums and the Web and ICHIM.
  • search by keyword, author, title [etc.]. Navigate by keyword too.
  • see references, abstracts and links to full text. Registered users can export references.
  • comment on a reference.
  • add a reference.
  • there's also a related Discussion.


Image Galleries and Photos

  • most of our images are on flickr - in the MW2010 group.  Add your photos to the group, and/or use the MW2010 tag. The photos in the top menu come from the MW2009 group. You can also see the MW2008 group, MW2007 group, the MW2006 group, or search for MW2006 -- or MW2005!
  • you can also see images in the Image Galleries on this site.
  • this is not the place to post works of art for sale; these will be removed. 


occasional quick surveys to take the pulse of the group. Enter your reply and then see the results.

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