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Nina Simon

I've written the Museum 2.0 blog for three and a half years now (since October 2006), writing two to three 1000-2000 word essays per week. Museum 2.0 has had over 420 posts and over 3000 user comments, and 10,000 unique visitors per month average plus about 7,000 RSS subscribers (but who trusts analytics?). The blog is used by graduate classes as a text, and I've had countless people tell me they use it as a basis for staff discussion groups. It's been featured on O'Reilly Radar, Read Write Web, Beth's Blog, and BlogHer. I've interviewed and featured museum and library professionals (along with game designers, artists, and others) and projects from all over the world. Many folks have told me that a post about their project made a significant impact internally in their institutions toward getting recognition and support for their innovative work.

I'm nominating the Museum 2.0 blog for "long-lived" because to my mind it fits in with the criteria in the following ways:

  • Continued growth in available resources over time - more and more posts, along with additional content in the form of videos, slides, and now, a book
  • Reliably consistent quality in new content - judge the content for yourself. Consistency-wise, I post on a rigorous schedule, involving guest bloggers when I'm away. I don't let a week go by without a post.
  • Sustained use by and engagement with site visitors - the numbers keep going up, but what I really care about is comments. Whereas early posts averaged 0-3 comments, most posts now receive 6-10 consistently, with many receiving 20+. These are primarily comments by museum professionals all over the world, sharing and learning together.
  • Ongoing museum commitment to long-term site development and use - well, I'm not a museum, but I've remained committed to the blog for years now, through various professional and personal changes. I spend lots of time helping readers who email me with questions and ideas, and I'm always trying to make the resource better in response to people's ideas.
  • Alignment with the vision and long-term strategy of the sponsoring institution - the Museum 2.0 blog is the vision and collaborative space around which the "institution" of my design firm exists. The blog literally drives my work. 


p.s. I didn't feel comfortable nominating myself for this until I read Clay Shirky's rant about women not being assertive about their abilities this morning. If you are female and reading this, you might be similarly motivated (and troubled) by his article.

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