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Squeezicks - A Museum of Science & MIT Collaboration on STEM-based games


The Museum of Science, Boston and GAMBIT lab at MIT worked over the summer of 2011 to develop a STEM-based soft-bodied physics game named "Squeezicks", available for online play but also being developed as an exhibit-floor interactive experience.  The purpose of the game is to educate and inspire visitors about the video game industry, and mainly to show the vast amount of STEM-based skills needed in this rapidly growing sector.  The demonstration includes a setup of the game itself as it sits ont he exhibit floor, as a one-to-four player game in a virtual environment, accompanied by a video of interpretive material about the game itself, the 8-week development sprint, and focusing on the STEM-based content and considerations around the game itself. 


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Director of Information and Interactive Technologies at Museum of Science, formerly Associate Director at The National Center for the History of Electronic Games, Information Technology Manager at American Journal of Play, Director of Technology at Strong National Museum of Play, Director of...
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Marleigh Norton is the Interaction Design Director for the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, where her research interests include educational games and gaming in museums. In previous work, she has designed augmented reality games on topics such as the illegal wildlife trade, climate change, and local...