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Interaction Design Director
Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

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Marleigh Norton is the Interaction Design Director for the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, where her research interests include educational games and gaming in museums. In previous work, she has designed augmented reality games on topics such as the illegal wildlife trade, climate change, and local politics. Her work as an interaction designer for the Waterford Research Institute aimed to teach reading, math, and science to young children through games, books, and songs. She holds a master's degree in human-computer interaction from Georgia Tech, where she created an augmented reality 3-D puzzle game as her master’s thesis. New interaction paradigms are a major interest of hers, and past projects have included collaborative touch-screens for the NASA Ames Research Center and voice user interfaces for major telephone companies.

Specialties: human-computer interaction, user interface design, educational games, games for children, location-based gaming, augmented reality, experimental input devices, gaming in museums

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