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DAM_SCOUT: A mobile experience platform at the Denver Art Museum


This presentation will be a demonstration of the capabilities of the DAM_SCOUT mobile application platform, developed in 2011 at the Denver Art Museum. Visitors to the demonstration will be taken through a number of the possible scenarios enabled by the platform, including traditional tours, sharing, long-term narratives, person-based content triggering, and others. Attendees will be able to download and use the mobile app as well as see a demonstration of the Content Management System being used to provide content to the app. Because DAM_SCOUT is a different type of mobile platform from the traditional tour-based experiences, the demonstration will be used as a jumping-off point to engage with attendees in discussions about how to expand, extend, and re-imagine the kinds of experiences visitors to museums can have.


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Koven Smith's picture
Koven J. Smith is the Director of Technology at the Denver Art Museum, where he directs technology itself. For over a decade, Koven's primary focus, whether at DAM, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Indianapolis Museum of Art, has been to make technology in museums not be terrible. Koven has...