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Using eHive Collection Management System to create custom sites and applications


This briefing showcases eHive's new programming interface and easy to use Wordpress plug-ins. These allow individual collectors and cultural heritage organisations to build their own custom sites and applications on top of eHive's data storage platform.

eHive is a web-based collections management system. It is available as software as a service, with Vernon Systems managing the hardware and software while the collecting organisation concentrates on their core activities.

As well as offering core cataloging and collection management functions, eHive includes options to publish all or a selection of the records and images from a collection. The new programming interfaces extend this further, offering simple ways to publish the content elsewhere on the web. eHive has built-in support for a range of licences per image, including Creative Commons.

This briefing shows examples of the API and Wordpress plug-ins in use and outlines future plans.


Exhibitor Briefing - discuss your product. Confirmed Exhibitors only


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Paul Rowe is Joint CEO of Vernon Systems, a New Zealand company dedicated to creating software for the global museum and gallery market. He has worked in the museum industry since 1990 on a range of collections management projects including migrating data from legacy systems, streamlining internal...

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