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Open Exhibits Tools: a Bootcamp


Open Exhibits ( is a National Science Foundation-funded initiative to develop a library of free and open multitouch-enabled software modules for exhibit development.  Built using the popular Adobe Flash and Flex authoring tools, museum professionals can create multitouch and multiuser exhibits more easily.  In this half-day workshop, you'll learn how to get started building multitouch applications with the Open Exhibits toolset.

You’ll receive the free Open Exhibits Core software that provides support for multitouch gestures and includes a built-in multitouch simulator. We'll help you set up your environment and provide an orientation to tools and concepts of the Open Exhibits framework.  Along with Open Exhibit Core, modules and templates are provided to help construct multitouch and multiuser exhibits.

We'll explore free modules and templates and see how they are structured and how they can be easily customized. You'll have an opportunity to build some basic applications with Open Exhibits modules. These versatile exhibit modules function in a variety of ways.  They can handle media elements and connect to social sites and Web services such as Flickr, YouTube, and Google Maps or they can be user-interface elements such as onscreen keyboards and menus.

We will publish some of the customized modules and templates and see how they perform on a variety of multitouch hardware. We will try out these applications on consumer dual-touch computers and true multitouch LCD screens and a large multitouch table. We'll also show some examples of Open Exhibits software running on Android tablets and phones. You’ll leave the workshop with an understanding of how Open Exhibits works and what is required to create custom exhibits.

*It is recommended that you take the Multitouch and Multiuser Design half-day workshop before this afternoon session. You should have ActionScript experience and you should bring a laptop with Flash and text editor installed to get the most out of this hands-on workshop.


Workshop - full or half day


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