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Bill Nye's Climate Lab


This demonstration features Chabot Space & Science Center’s development of Bill Nye’s Climate Lab, an integrated learning experience spanning an interactive website and physical exhibition. Designed for a target audience of youth ages 8-14, along with their families and teachers, the online experience consists of a rich 3D and video-integrated site and social media initiatives. A customized CMS allows Chabot to maintain site content and point-based awards. Rich reporting tools provide details about activity usage, completion and scoring performance, with filtering by age, geography and school affiliation.


To integrate the onsite and online experiences, Chabot invested in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology within the physical exhibition. Using Climate Scout ID cards containing RFID tags, visitors track their progress and collect points as they complete activities in the exhibit. The Climate Scout ID allows visitors to link points earned in the exhibition to their online account, and continue to track their progress in reducing energy consumption and finding solutions to a warming planet via the activities on the website.


The project was designed to create an extended, enhanced visitor experience. The interaction between the physical exhibition, RFID technology, interactive website, social media initiatives,  and the action-oriented message of the project have the potential to create stronger engagement for individuals, families, and school field trip guests. Reporting tools were integrated into the design of the RFID solution and website; over time this data will help quantify the project’s impact.


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Tamara Schwarz is the Exhibitions Manager at Chabot Space & Science Center, where she leads planning and development of exhibitions and supervises operations of Chabot’s 20,000 square feet of exhibition space. She has more than a decade of experience developing exhibitions, multimedia, and web...