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This is a wiki we created to let the participants at the Bookcamp Kosmopolis to propose their own sessions and create an online debate previous to the celebration of the BookCamp. This camp is a collaborative meeting for the exchange of knowledge on books and literature where the users themselves are in charge of generating the contents  and it was organized within the 2010 edition of the literature festival Kosmopolis. The Amplified Literature Fest, an event that the CCCB organizes every two years. The Bookcamp started in a virtual space and it materialized into the sessions, workshops and situational work groups taking place on October, 23rd, 2010, in Kosmopolis, at the CCCB. So there were three different ways to participate at the BookCamp: proposing sessions on the wiki, participating at the online debate and attending the camp on that day.

As far as we know, both the bookcamp and the wiki are the first time to be organized by a cultural centre in Barcelona, so they have been some kind of experimental attemps to enhance the participation of the public. The response was amazing: we received 17 different sessions in 3 languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) about child literature, the future of reading platforms, creative commons licences, readers copyrights, mbooks and other reading devices, a live “twitter” narrative minifestival an other issues.

A wiki is an online platform not yet developed by the common Internet user in Spain. In fact, many of the participants had never heard about a wiki before, but they were very enthusiastic on editing and creating their own pages in the wiki once they knew how did it works.

The wiki was administrated by a team of three people who were watching over it to make sure everything was in its right place. They were also responding the participants’ doubts and giving feedback to them. The BookCamp was reinforced with a live blog hosted in Tumblr with online videos, pictures, and posts, and a Twitter and Facebook campaign. Using the #bck10 hashtag, the participants were called to tweet with their sessions or other relevant information regarding their subject. The Kosmopolis team was also twittering with news about literature, the festival, the sessions proposed and other material.

The BookCamp was live twittered through the participant’s accounts and also through the Kosmopolis account and it became trending topic in Spain on October 23rd, the day the BookCamp took place.

The BookCamp was so successful that we are organizing a second edition for March 25th and 26th, 2011.

Some links of the project: