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Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures


The Museum of Modern Art




Social Media



Between 1964 and 1965, AndyWarhol made approximately 500 filmed portraits of celebrities and friends.  These screen tests, as they were later called, were shot at the standard speed for sound film (24 frames per second), but were projected at 16 frames per second to give them the look of a silent film.

This site was inspired by these screen tests.  It encourages members of the public to create their own screen tests by visiting and following the instructions on how to submit their own 90-second screen test via a dedicated Flickr group on the site.  The films then appear on the site altered to simulate Warhol's process.  What resulted is a hypnotic collection of user-generated portraits that range from the meditative to the comical and all points in between.

The site was developed by Stamen and launched in conjunction with the exhibition Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures.