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Windsor Historical Society

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Windsor Historical Society


in-house, Jack Alberti, Facilities Coordinator and Webmaster

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The Windsor Historical Society is a small non-profit museum. Our staff of three full-time and two part-time employees, along with volunteer help, put out a wonderful product for the community. I am quite often amazed at how much we accomplish with the limited resources available to us. This is a testimony to the effort of all the fine folks involved.

Our website was created in-house by Jack Alberti our Facilities Coordinator and webmaster. Newly designed in the summer of 2010, our site has become a valuable tool for our members and visitors interested in Windsor history. Our site offers updates on program information, details on what the Society can do for the community, online book purchasing, and a variety of information about us.

But what I feel is even more important, is our content aiding visitors in their own historical research.

One area of research is our Past Programs past_programs.html. Here you will find links to program press releases, as well as program slide shows for 81 events going back to year 2005.These pages give visitors a good sense of or programing efforts, and may entice those in the Windsor area to attend.

Teacher Resources are available at teacher_resources.html. We have a close relationship with the Windsor area schools. Throughout the year we host school field trips, providing programs on different historic themes. An online bibliographical resource list is made available for teachers of these groups.

We maintain a wonderful research library here at the Society. For the benefit of our online visitors we publish Finding Aids finding_aids.html . Finding aids are descriptive inventories, indexes, or collection guides that provide access to the unpublished materials in the library’s Special Collections. These are tools the researcher can use to understand the size, contents, and arrangement of a collection. Diverse collections warrant a variety of finding aids, but most guides will include a general overview, a biographical or historical note, and a detailed description of the collection. Finding aids will be added to the website as they become available.

 Research Requests research_requests.html are accepted digitally for those unable to visit us in person. We have a dedicated group of volunteer researchers who will strive to answer research queries.

Links links.html to other sources of research information are provided here. This included genealogical, preservation, and conservation sites.

One of our best online tools for research is our Newsletter Archives nl_list.html. Here you will find copies of every Society newsletter going all the way back to the first issue in 1974. This includes 179 issues, each with eight pages or more. These newsletters not only provide info of the day, but also include articles on many different facets of Windsor history. An alphabetical index for these volumes is also provided. Keywords in the newsletter index include personal names, geographic locations, specific objects in the museum and library collections, Society programs and exhibits, and topics of general interest.

For those online visitors looking for information on Windsor Historic Houses windsor_historic_houses.html , we provide a listing of all 164 homes built prior to 1850 that are still standing. This list not only shows the location, year built, and builder, but also an image of the actual structure. An enlarged image of each thumbnail can be viewed just by clicking.

Finally, we provide a listing of our Past Exhibitions past_exhibitions.html. Here you will find details of each exhibition, and in some cases, images.


We at the Windsor Historical Society know how important a good Internet presence is. We have spent a great deal of time in creating what we believe to be a first-rate website, especially for an organization of our size. Future plans for this coming year are to expand the content of our site. We will be adding Online Exhibits, as well as additions to our Finding Aids, Links, and Teacher Resources. Also, we will be creating online shopping for gifts in our Gift Shop. In addition, we will be converting our Newsletter Archives to PDF files. This will allow people using Internet searches to better find individual keyword and phrases within the actual text of our newsletters.

Thank you for your consideration for Best of the Web 2011.