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Queensland Museum

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Queensland Museum


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Queensland Museum Home Page

As the custodian of the state’s natural and cultural heritage, caring for more than a million items and specimens in collections that tell the changing story of Queensland, the Queensland Museum site is an amazing resource.

The Queensland Museum has met the bold ambition of integrating the shared content of seven different websites and hundreds of thousands of artefacts into one seamless, engaging and consistent online experience, providing users with material and resources for a variety of educational needs, from self-directed learning to school programs.

Designed to encourage new discoveries and exploration, the architecture and content strategy has seen time spent on site double and repeat visits continue to soar as users spend more time interacting with the site in new ways.

Queensland Museum Events Page

A single Content Management System (CMS) contains content from seven museums and integrates with numerous databases as well as social media platforms.

By integrating record management systems, the loans and research databases, the amount of information now available to researchers and the public is exceptional, including a large volume of rich media content in one searchable and easily navigated database.

As you can see from the various integration points, the SharePoint CMS and other APIs have been used creatively to give this site a consistent and engaging experience throughout.

Intuitive Information Architecture and close attention to accessibility and interactivity across all seven areas, particularly in the “find out about” area, makes it straightforward for visitors to share information and to explore this content in as much depth and complexity as they choose.

Queensland Museum Find Out About Page

The most useful element within the site is the detailed resources section. This holds projects and publications and is developed in a way to encourage the user to research topics through whichever route they prefer. With a strong search engine users can discover new data, carry out research and be as adventurous they choose.

The website:

Truly bringing the museum and it's collections to life online, this is a vibrant and efficient platform on which to disply the museum's wealth of specimens and information with an engaging user experience to increase the information accessiibility and encourage exploration and learning.