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WA Museum website

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Western Australian Museum




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This website is a full redevelopment of the Western Australian Museum's web presence, which was performed in the first six months of 2010. The website involved consolidating around 12,000 web pages down to around 2,000 redeveloped pages. The site also includes all of the Museum's Records (from 1910 - 2010), which were scanned, saved to PDF, OCR'd and are now available for free download.

Importantly, the website was also developed on a Drupal CMS, which is a significant departure from Western Australian Government practice, and has since inspired many other agencies to consider Open Source platforms.

Also significantly, the website was developed completely in-house with existing resources, and due to Open Source options did not cost a single dollar outside the wages of three staff working on the project for six months.

The web team is currently working on creating meaningful relationships between our collection data and using geolocation and tags taken from collection entries, as well as developing volunteer portals to help the public develop these relationships. These features will be made available throughout 2011.