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Augmented Reality Tours

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Fabrique, TABworldmedia & Stedelijk Museum


Innovative | Experimental


ARtours, Augmented Reality Tours, is Stedelijk Museum's innovative project in which we research the possibilities of AR in the field of modern art. In this project we build applications using AR-browsers like Layar and Junaio in order to gain knowledge on both its technical implications and the optimal user interface & experience. ARtours is creating a storytelling platform that will be able to use various AR-browsers as output channels by using their API's. This platform will be made available for the cultural sector.

The impact of our research and applications is already felt within the walls of our institution. We are one of the first museums in the world to dedicate this much time and effort in discovering the new or additional meaning AR can give to our collection. We are commissioning artists using AR as a canvas to create new works of art. We are making waves!

Come visit our workshop or paper presentation at MW2011. Or walk with us through Philadelphia and enjoy our unconference Augmented Reality Tour!