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County Museum, Dundalk


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Why is the legacy website designed to complement the asi louth exhibition which ran in the County Museum, Dundalk between late 2009 and early 2010.  The exhibition featured artefacts discovered during the construction of the western by-pass around the town of Dundalk.  This website is designed to reflect the forensic nature of archaeology using the artefacts discovered during this construction process. 

An important aspect of this website is the incorporation of google maps highlighting the variety of finds along the bypass.  By linking the various archaeological reports to specific sites the ongoing historic and archaeological narrative of the area is readily accessible. 

Concomitant to this is the inclusion of a short featurette entitled 'A Grave Secret' highighting the heartrending story following the discovery of a body at a graveyard in north Louth. 
Taken in toto this website presents a holistic approach to the presentation of archaeology - not only as a vocation but also presenting the past not as a dry academic exercise but as a the story of the area's forebears.