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Wellcome Collection

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Wellcome Collection


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The Wellcome Collection Home Page

The Wellcome Collection has an incredible and fascinating array of content and a commitment to sharing this with the world online. The exceptional content  that this museum has to offer is like no other. The Collection's online representation is an experience in its own right, playing on the visitors’ innate curiosity and drawing them into unexpected journeys of discovery that expands their areas of interest and builds user engagement which has resulted in a 70% increase in traffic.

The Wellcome Collection Explore Page

Full of interactive and rich media features, the design is modern, sleek, and minimalistic, allowing the bold images to take centre stage. Easy and fun to use, the site creates an engaging and refreshing user experience. The search functionality has been developed to serve the “incurably curious”, giving them the ability to navigate in different ways. Those visitors using the site for a specific purpose will also see other, related assets, igniting interest and encouraging users to delve deeper and discover more.  This allows users to discover new and exciting content by accident.

The Wellcome Collection Word Soup Page

The site showcases highlights from the Collection in a series of image, video and flash interactive galleries, based upon six themes which reflect the diversity of content on the site: Life, Genes & You; Mind & Body;  Sickness & Health; Time & Place; Science and Art, and Education. The site also offers a “Play” section with games, quizzes, interactive tools and much more.

Interactive games such as “Memory” give the user an opportunity to investigate the collection through gameplay, offering insights into the nature of the objects not easily accessible through simple browsing.

The Wellcome Collection Word Memory Page

The design, structure and interactive elements create a sense of play in the way users discover and explore.  The strong visual design creates a minimalistic and contemporary framework which allows the imagery speaks for itself.

The “What’s on” section of the site gives the visitor a full view of what is happening at the museum and insight into how Wellcome’s collections are curated. The calendar allows the user to investigate all exhibitions, events and tours.

Revolutionised by insightful information architecture, an intuitive taxonomy scheme, interactive and rich content and a contemporary design, the new offering gives a whole new meaning to investigation and discovery online.