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DAC/LAC City of Lugano in cooperation with Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Switzerland


Produced by TEC-Lab (USI), based on a technology (1001stories) created at Politecnico di Milano (HOC-LAB).




NIPPON-multimedia ( has been developed as support to the diffusion and understanding of the four exhibitions and numerous events through the culture of Japan, taking place in Lugano (Switzerland) from October 2010 to February 2011. NIPPON-multimedia is the result of a highly innovative approach by TEC-Lab (Technology Enhanced Communication LABoratory – Faculty of Communication Science), Università della Svizzera italiana, (Switzerland) based on the technology, 1001stories, developed at HOC-LAB, Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

 With essentially a single authoring effort, and using a dedicated authoring/generation/delivery tool (1001stories), a number of different formats over multiple channels have been developed in approximately one month: 

• 4 (+ 4) “interactive narratives” (for the Web, offline and Information Point). The web version can be accessed via web; the offline version has been used for CD-ROM or e-Key delivery.

• A “set of playlists” downloadable for MP3 and MP4 (iPod, smart-phone, and similar devices).

• An “interactive map”. This is a version suitable for information points or for web consumption. An interface of images is shown: when an image is selected, the corresponding item of the narrative is played.

More than 1000 images, and hours of audio visual material, in English and Italian. For each exhibitionthere is a multimedia introduction, explaining the cultural context, the themes and the approach of the exhibition itself; “Highlights”, instead, are multimedia presentations to a selected group of works, a sort of introduction of a selection of the most relevant exhibits. An additional feature is “Nippon at a glance”: a highly innovative “interactive map” (a mosaic) merging together all the different multimedia items, creating an emotional and exploratory space. NIPPON-multimedia can be delivered over the web, mobile devices (smart phones, iPhone, iPad), off-line (CD-rom, USB key, mp3 players, iPod) or on-line, over standard cell-phones (audio only), through social spaces, etc...

Effectiveness of the process and quality of the result are NIPPON-multimedia’s keywords.

The thematic multimedia “narrative” introduces the main themes of four exhibitions about Japan (here: “Ineffable Perfection”, about albumen photography); the highlights offer a closer view of some selected exhibits.

Nippon multimedia is an example of content reuse and adaptation. While consuming the thematic narrative, the user can access some highlights that act as examples of the concepts expressed in the narrative.

Nippon multimedia is multi-channel. While in the gallery, the user can access the “highlights” and use them as audioguide.

Nippon-multimedia is multi-format: the various pieces of content (from the thematic narrative and the highlights) are reused in an attractive mosaic that users browse according to the visual appeal. Minor content adaptation is required to provide the context for each content element (e.g. which exhibition it belongs to).

Nippon- multimedia is multi-format and multi-channel. Here, the mash up narrative on iPad. All the different formats and channels are obtained with basically one single effort (in terms of technology and authoring) and in quick time (1-2 months).