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Museums and the Web

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Museo Galileo: Virtual Museum


Museo Galileo


Web Unit, Museo Galileo




In June 2010 the Museo Galileo was reopened after two years of works that have renewed all the exhibition area. In that occasion, even the Museum's web site has been renewed.

I nominate the section 'Virtual Museum' of the website, that presents a multimedia catalogue of all the instruments of the museum's collection. The description of each instrument is accompanied by images, videos and lots of links, to offer to users a wide range of possibilities to extend their knowledge.

I want to underline the huge quantity of information: 1,000 description cards, 430 biographies, 760 deepening cards, more than 150 videos and 3D animations, 4,500 pictures.

Users can browse these information through a topographic access (with a virtual 3D representation of each museum's rooms) or through an objects index, videos index, glossaries index.

The website is generated dynamically with a CMS developed by our Web Unit and then exported in static HTML, to make it faster.