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Philadelphia Mural Arts Program


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The Mural Arts Program is well regarded as one of the nation’s largest and most effective public arts programs. In its over 25 year history, MAP has created over 3,000 murals and educated over 20,000 underserved youth throughout Philadelphia.

Each Mural Arts Program mural is the result of a collaborative community process in which artists, residents, and students come together to beautify their community and tell their stories. To every day passersby, the stories behind them are not always apparent.

This project creates a platform for curating these murals and sharing these stories with the general public. Visitors can zoom-in to view the tiniest details (that they might never see from the ground), learning facts and hearing anecdotes as they explore. Points of interest are plotted on the murals and each is augmented by video, making-of photos, and audio clips.