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MIC Exhibition

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MIC’s Consortium – European Project under 7th FP


University of Venice, Bloom & LinC Architecture and Design Studio




My Ideal City(MIC) is an innovative and interactive exhibition where it is possible to walk through the streets of Lisbon and then, a few minutes later, you can admire the architecture of the buildings in Jerusalem, the colors of Copenhagen and the frescos in Trento by the use of virtual environments. Established simultaneously in the four cities mentioned above, the exhibition allows for real-time interaction between the visitors in each different location.

The exhibition also allows visitors to explore an artistic perspective of an ideal city through minigames in each city and among cities. The 3d models are enriched by typical sounds of the cities and real images giving the virtual visit a coherent mixture of ideal and real.

The MIC exhibition was produced with the results of criterious scientific research and a wide public consultation, thus, counting with the contributions of the citizens from each city and raising awareness about the importance of urban planning choices. The exhibition provides, in this way, a science communication dialogue tool, encourages reflection about sustainable urban planning and provides a public and easy to access platform linking scientific concepts and technology application to people from all ages.

The MIC virtual exhibition is the major outcome of the European project MIC – My Ideal City financed by the European Community’s - Seventh Framework Programme.