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Catawba RiverVenture


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Using an engaging format based on hand-drawn illustrations of the river, Catawba RiverVenture draws visitors to the Catawba River.  On their RiverVenture, visitors learn about the environmental history of the Catawba River, the role it played in the history of the region, and the issues it faces today.  Visitors search the landscape for hidden clues that help them answer the question "How are we all People of the River?"  Vocabulary terms are highlighted and linked to a glossary.  Flash animations and panoramic photos alongside original historical maps and photos provide a variety of media for visitors to learn from.  At the end of their trip, visitors file a "River Wrap" to test how much they learned.

In addition to an engaging format, the website has a Teacher Resources section.  There, teachers and other instructors can find curriculum correlations, a glossary of key terms on the webiste and downloadable lesson plans.  The lesson plans, in addition to being aligned with Science and Social Studies curriculum standards, are offered in a Promethean format.  Promethean lesson plans provide an added level of interactivity and fun in the classroom.

The Catawba RiverVenture is also available to visitors in the Catawba River Gallery at the Museum of York County, complementing their visit to our museum with an activity they can follow up with at home.  After exploring the Catawba River, visitors can join us on Facebook and share their Catawba River adventures and photos as well.