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600 Million Years


Museum Victoria


Designed, developed and built in-house




Complex scientific information is presented in an engaging and accessible manner, using a variety of approaches, including:

  • an interactive Timeline which provides a high level overview of "600 million years" and is also an interesting path to access detailed content
  • numerous, high quality videos with experts explaining and demonstrating
  • "Fossil Fun" - four games to make the content more accessible for children
  • a series of "Infosheets" which provide invaluable, easy to understand, information.  These have resulted in considerable online discussion (via the online comment facility).

Finally a virtual tour of the exhibition provides a teaser, or reminder, of the exhibition experience.

This site effectively enhances the on-site exhibition by providing an extensive range of high quality content, including: video, images, curatorial interpretation, children's interactive games and a virtual tour of the exhibition.