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Teaching the Middle East: A Resource for Educators

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The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago


Steven Lane, eCUIP Digital Library Project of the University of Chicago




"Teaching the Middle East" addresses the needs of high school and college-level educators nationwide who are required to teach about this region yet have found it difficult to do so because information about the lengthy history and complex politics of this region is fragmentary and difficult to find in one area. This Web site aims to offer a wholistic and objective view of this region by tracing the arc of Middle Eastern history from ancient times through to the present.

The resource features eighteen modules that each contain an Overview, a "Framing the Issues," and "Examining Stereotypes" essay by one of sixteen faculty members and research associates from the University of Chicago. An Image Resource Bank provides each module with fifteen copyright-free images of artifacts from the Oriental Institute Museum, the University of Chicago Library Archives, as well as additional images from museums and digital resources across the web. In the Webliography extensive links are provided to a wide range of resources (books, articles, maps, blogs, interactives, etc.) from reliable sites across the Web. Lesson plans created by Chicago-area educators help to flesh out Teaching the Middle East, making it an extremely rich and reliable resource for any educator or student wishing to understand the complex history of this region.