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Coming of Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now


Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust


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Coming of Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now is a new multi-media website to introduce middle and high school-aged students and educators to the stories of young people who survived the Holocaust. This free website will help students of all backgrounds around the globe create a personal connection to history and discover the relevance to our world today.

Our Goals: As Holocaust survivors age and leave us, we created this meaningful curriculum to keep their voices alive and to retain the power of their stories for young people coming of age today. Designed as a resource to complement existing Holocaust curricula, the stories will resonate with young people. We hope that it will challenge students to reflect thoughtfully on the Holocaust and the impact that it continues to have today. It is our hope that when they face intolerance, bullying, and injustice of any kind, they will recall the stories they explored in Coming of Age.

The Curriculum:

13 unique stories are available to help students learn about the Holocaust through personal narratives. Students hear directly from survivors through video testimony and read about their lives before, during, and after the Holocaust. Following each lesson, students learn about the historical context of each story through geography questions, online discussions with their peers, primary documents and artifacts, and timelines of the survivors’ lives. The students then create a timeline of their own and complete a research project.

Coming of Age is designed to accommodate classes of students working as a group. Pairs of classes may work on the curriculum together. It may also be used by families educating their children at home or by other adults working with young people independently or in groups. Teachers or guardians moderate the online forums. This guarantees a safe learning environment.

At the heart of the curriculum students will reflect on the challenges survivors faced in maintaining their identities, responsibilities they assumed during difficult circumstances, sacrifices they made for others, and lessons they want to impart to the next generation. By studying the lives of survivors, students will grow in their understanding of the Holocaust and themselves, and develop a deep sense of what it means to come of age today.

Video Testimony

Video Testimony







Geography Lessons

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Survivor/Historical Timeline

Survivor/Historical Timeline