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Sydney Observatory monthly sky guide podcasts


Powerhouse Museum / Sydney Observatory




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The Sydney Observatory monthly sky guide podcasts with transcripts and southern sky maps provide all the information and guidance to get people acquainted with the southern sky. Each month, one of Sydney Observatory's astonomy experts provides an audio tour of the night sky, helping our audience find the key visible constellations, planets and other special sights (such as meteor showers) for that month.

It is also an opportunity for our audience to get to know our astronomy experts and educators - each of whom has a strong passion for their subject. The podcasts include fascinating information about the history and development of astronomy, the connections with mythologies across time and cultures and include facts which may surprise, for example, that there are 13, not 12, signs of the zodiac (and Ophiuchus is the 13th sign).

User feedback indicates that we are succeeding in developing an interest in astronomy, and we know that we have loyal users who come back month after month to follow the changes in the night sky.