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Q-Literary Museum


Q-Literary Museum



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Q-Literary Museum is a multidisciplinary webmuseum of immaterial Literature that brings together the geometric, chemical and quantum physical aspects of parallel worlds. With a literary and curatorial audio-visual programming of its contents it invites the visitor to make a trip by the space-time through texts of representation that turn their collections into unique in the present literary panorama. The museum is organized like a fractal with different nodes for the diffusion of a new literary thematic one and for the informal learning that is complemented with a bilingual educative program and an interactive platform of thematic research open to the contribution of the users, at the same time as it provides resources for the researchers in experimental Literature.

1. - Q-Literary Museum displays its original contents doing use of micronarratives nonlinear that lean on the video, the modeled one in 3D, the virtual reality, the complexity art, the audio one and music to show its collections which are updated and developed in progress with complementary events in site, in other digital platforms, Youtube, international congresses and academic publications in Internet.

 Q-Literary Museum The Collection exhibitionQ-Literary Museum The Collection exhibition

2. – The webmuseum offers to the visitor an update of the classic-quantum writers, by means of still images and in movement that include documents of video, animation and music-sonorous that can be listened in the original or virtual voice of the authors as alive presences. On the occasion of the 121 anniversary of the birth of the Nobel Prize of Literature Gabriela Mistral and the tribute in the 46 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Canadian Association of Hispanists and University Concordia in Canada, the museum unfolds an animated reading of a poem, with an exhibition of the graphical registry of the author in S-T in the Room that takes to her name and the  multi-channel screen of her episteme in the webmuseum.

 Multichannel screen of image S-T from the museum´s collectionMultichannel screen of image S-T from the museum´s collection

3. - Q-literary Museum stimulates to enter in the immaterial Literature and last knowledge on the matter by means of a visually attractive interface that allows to connect with internal or external direct sources of information, providing a search from the own Web site.

 Q-literary Museum search home pageQ-literary Museum search home page

4. – The webmuseum with its poetic of the impossible thing is creating a type of pioneering Literature from the interaction with complex systems that incorporate the territory of the complexity, which allows to touch lightly the quantum thing for the first time, registering unpublished images of the space-time with its possible worlds that expand the Literature of the 21st century.

 Virtual introduction to the webmuseum followed of specific program in the site and othersVirtual introduction to the webmuseum followed of specific program in the site and others

5. - Q-Literary Museum develops to the contents of its programming from the innovation and the experimental literary-artistic investigation, academic-educative and technological integrating it to the digital and curatorial aspects of the webmuseum, trying of which their contents are understood by means of the development of educative resources online, appropriate data bases and links on related aspects, supporting the experience of the user and remaining always accessible through direct bonding with the museum. Also it disposes of an collaborative platform of thematic research on quantum Literature and the complexity open to the contribution of the users.

Pre-Conference, film 3D and Avatar presenting diverse scenes of represented writingPre-Conference, film 3D and Avatar presenting diverse scenes of represented writing

6. - Q-literary Museum that was born in 2010 in close relation with site specific from her author, has become the unique museum on quantum Literature in the network with an architecture of the information that allows the user to navigate according to its interests. Site is created from house and built by the own museum with only one professional staff for the development of all aspects and is realised with very limited budget that means the majority of the times without budget.