April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


MW2009 featured a variety of sessions exploring all aspects of the creation, development, maintenance and evaluation of Web sites in museums, cultural and heritage organizations.

Sessions are listed chronologically below, or you can see an overview of the program.

For more details about types of presentations see the Description of Session Formats.

Thursday April 16, 2009
9:00 am-
10:30 am

Opening Plenary

Chair: Jennifer Trant, Archives & Museum Informatics, Canada

Moving from Virtual to Visceral

Maxwell Anderson, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Interacting with Teachers

Chair: Marthe de Vet, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands

Pedagogy and Design: Understanding Teacher Use of Online Museum Resources

Martin Bazley, Mariruth Leftwich, United Kingdom

Reaching School-based users with museum digital content: A comparative analysis of new initiatives in Australia and Canada

Darren Peacock, Stuart Tait, Australia, Corey Timpson, Canada

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Organizational Change

Chair: Mia Ridge, The Science Museum, London, United Kingdom

Organisational Change for the On-line World - Steering the Good Ship Museum Victoria

Timothy Hart, David Methven, Australia

Down to Earth. Social Media and Institutional Change

Vincent de Keijzer, Patricia Deiser, The Netherlands

After the heroism, collaboration: Developing an inter-departmental interpretive goals process at SFMOMA

Stephanie Pau, Peter Samis, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm
Social Media

Wikis and the Expanded Museum Community

Chair: Kevin Von Appen, Ontario Science Centre, Canada

Museums & wikis: two case studies

Rhiannon Looseley, Frankie Roberto, United Kingdom

Collaborative History - Creating (and Fostering) a Wiki Community

Tracey Baker, Joe Hoover, Rose Sherman, USA

The Quilt Index Goes 2.0: A Fiberspace Case Study

Justine Richardson, Canada, Marsha MacDowell, Dean Rehberger, Amanda Sikarskie, Mary Worrall, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Technology Strategies

Chair: Bruce Wyman, Denver Art Museum, USA

Museums and Cloud Computing: Ready for Primetime, or Just Vaporware?

Edward Bachta, Charles Moad, Rob Stein, USA Aggregating, displaying and mining object-data without consent

Mike Ellis, Dan Zambonini, United Kingdom

Fedora, Drupal, and Cloud Computing for a low-cost, sustainable DAM

Ari Davidow, USA

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm

Interface Design

Chair: Paolo Paolini, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Switzerland

Action, affection and control: Interface guidelines for complex visual content

Slavko Milekic, USA

Emerging Web Browsing Alternatives

Steffen Böddeker, Alexandra McIntosh, Adriana Olmos, Canada

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm

Evaluation 2.0

Chair: Gail Durbin, Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom

Using Online Maps for User-Generated Content in Museums

Lily Diaz, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Mariana Salgado, Finland

Take Two: A Study of the Co-Creation of Knowledge on Museum Web 2.0 Sites

Jeff Grabill, Stacey Pigg, Katie Wittenauer, USA

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm

Mapping Museum Content

Chair: Rich Cherry, Balboa Park Online Collaborative, USA

Putting Museum Collections on the Map: Application of Geographic Information Systems

Megan Heckert, USA

The Interpretation of Bias (and the bias of interpretation)

Aaron Straup Cope, USA

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm

Young Audiences and Creators

Chair: Dina Helal, Whitney Museum of American Art, USA

Doing it for the kids: Tate Online on engaging, entertaining and (stealthily) educating six to 12 year olds

Rob Adamson, Sharna Jackson, United Kingdom

The Roar of a Virtual Campfire: Using Video Podcasts to Attract Young Adults to New York’s National Parks

John Harlan Warren, USA

3:30 pm-
4:15 pm

Unconference Pitches

Facilitated by David Bearman, Jennifer Trant, Canada, Nina Simon, USA, Mia Ridge, United Kingdom

Got something you want to discuss? Looking for people interested in what you are? Make a pitch and form an un-conference session.

See more details on the community site.

4:15 pm-
5:30 pm

Unconference Breakouts

Groups self-organized during pitches get together.

Friday April 17, 2009
All Day


Mini-Workshops and Professional Forums take place all day.

All Day


Exhibit Hall

See demonstrations of tools and learn about services to help you with your museum's Web site.

5:15 pm-
6:15 pm

Best of the Web Awards

See which sites were chosen to represent the best work in 2008.

Saturday April 18, 2009
8:30 am-
10:00 am
Close Up

Demonstrations 1

See the list.


10:00 am-
11:30 am
Close Up

Demonstrations 2

See the list.


11:30 am-
1:00 pm

Learning From Games

Chair: Nate Solas, Walker Art Center, USA

Fictional press releases and fake artifacts: How the Smithsonian American Art Museum is letting game players redefine the rules

Georgina Bath Goodlander, USA

City Treasure: Mobile Games for Learning Cultural Heritage

Luca Botturi, Alessandra di Maria, Alessandro Inversini, Switzerland

Learning in the Wild: Evaluating WolfQuest’s impact on game players

Steven Allison-Bunnell, Kate Haley Goldman, Jes Koepfler, David Schaller, Grant Spickelmier, USA

11:30 am-
1:00 pm

Building and Using On-line Collections

Chair: Darren Peacock, University of South Australia, Australia

NZMuseums: Showcasing the collections of all New Zealand museums

Wallis Barnicoat, Paul Rowe, New Zealand

CultureSampo - Finnish Culture on the Semantic Web 2.0: Thematic Perspectives for the End-user

Eero Hyvönen, Finland

Collection effects: examining the actual use of on-line archival images

Brian Dawson, Marc Ladouceur, Marcia Rak, Canada

11:30 am-
1:00 pm

Location-Aware Services

Chair: Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian American Art Museum, USA

Cheap, Accurate RFID Tracking of Museum Visitors for Personalised Content Delivery

Timothy Baldwin, Lejoe Thomas Kuriakose, Australia

Out There: Connecting people, places and stories

Kristel Kerstens, Frank Kresin, Dick van Dijk, The Netherlands

GPS-Triggered Location-Based Technologies at Parks Canada: The Explora Project

Morag Hutcheson, Tamara Tarasoff, Canada, Christophe Rhin, France

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm

Frameworks for Redesign

Chair: Dana Mitroff Silvers, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA

Tear Down the Walls: The Re-design of

Robin Dowden, Scott Sayre, USA

Time To Stop Doing and Start Thinking: A Framework For Exploiting Web 2.0 Services

Brian Kelly, United Kingdom

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm

Museum Content on Other Platforms

Chair: Phyllis Hecht, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Flickr Commons: Open licensing and the future for collections

Paula Bray, Australia

We Tube: Getting physical with a virtual community through a YouTube Meetup

Karen Hager, Kathy Nicholaichuk, Kevin von Appen, Canada

2:00 pm-
3:00 pm
social media

User Feedback / User Content

Chair: Kate Haley Goldman, Institute for Learning Innovation, USA

Collaborative annotation system using vocal comments recorded on mobile phones and audioguides: the Centre Pompidou exhibition

Yves-Marie Haussone, Cécilia Jauniau, Yves-Marie L'Hour, Vincent Puig, France

Great Expectations: Sustaining Participation in Social Media Spaces

Darren Peacock, Angelina Russo, Australia

3:30 pm-
4:30 pm

Closing Plenary: Open Session

Closing Plenary Panel

David Bearman, Jennifer Trant, Canada, Nina Simon, USA

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