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Recollection: Building Communities for Distributed Curation and Data Sharing

TitleRecollection: Building Communities for Distributed Curation and Data Sharing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMiller, E., & Wood D.
Secondary TitleMuseums and the Web
Conference Start DateApril 13-17, 201
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics
Place PublishedDenver, Colorado, USA
EditorTrant, J., & Bearman D.
Keywordscollaboration, digital content, digital curation, metadata, on-line communities, semantic technologies

Digital content has spread beyond the confines of organizational boundaries and on to the Web, presenting new opportunities to connect and analyze information. This paper provides a high level overview of Recollection, a platform for enabling communities to support the distributed curation of digital content – created in partnership with the U.S. Library of Congress and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP). Recollection is an open system which supports the identification, location and reuse of information across distributed digital collections. Data contributors need not anticipate all possible ways in which their information will be viewed or connected with other digital content. The Recollection platform is designed to facilitate data dissemination and display of information in an arbitrary social environment. Social connections between people, data, views and groups may be formed organically, as happens in existing social networking applications. The platform is aimed primarily at sharing customized displays of data not normally easily shared (such as data from desktop applications) or data with limited flexibility for visualization (such as data locked in enterprise applications).