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TourML: An Emerging Specification for Museum Mobile Experiences

Robert Stein, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution, USA


In addition to launching a successful tour, how can museum professionals ensure that the content we create will outlive the technology and vendors we select today? A successful metadata standard for mobile tours would provide a number of advantages for museums. A mobile standard would allow museums to migrate the content and structure of a tour among the variety of tools available today and tools that may be available in the future. Similarly, a mobile standard would allow the same tour to be used on a number of current and future mobile devices. In addition, museums could choose authoring tools which best fit their staff and workflow needs while still deploying to whatever mobile device is best for their content – even if these tools are provided by different vendors. Perhaps most important, a successful mobile standard would ensure that museum content outlives any particular technology we use today.

Keywords: mobile content, content strategy, sustainability, specifications, content management systems, schemas

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Differentiating Online Gallery Spaces within Larger University Branding Initiatives

Lauren Razzore, William Paterson University, United States


William Paterson University underwent a lengthy Web branding campaign in 2010 that unified the online presence of the college. Overall university templates drive the design of every website on campus. While this may be appropriate for the vast majority of college departments and groups, it has remained important for the University Galleries, Art Department galleries and cultural art spaces to differentiate themselves online. Through a series of design phases and hard-fought compromises I have been able to give each of the online galleries its own unique design, while still complying with the overall University branding campaign. Using case studies as models, the paper identifies key aspects for integration into the William Paterson's cultural and gallery websites. By sharing the websites of the University Gallery, the Center for Chinese Art, the Center for Computer Art and Animation and the Art Department, together with the evolution of those sites throughout the process, I will demonstrate keys ways for online galleries to differentiate themselves within an overarching design scheme while still complying with university branding goals.

Keywords: design, branding, university galleries, content management systems, web design

Tour and briefing at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

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Academy of Natural Sciences

Founded in 1812, the Academy of Natural Sciences holds extensive and noteworthy biological, archival, and library collections. Participants will tour some of our collections imaging facilities.

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