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Deputy Director for Research, Technology, and Engagement
Research, Technology, and Engagement
Indianapolis Museum of Art
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Robert Stein is the Deputy Director for Research, Technology and Engagement at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). In that role, Stein leads a wide range of activities for the museum including an extensive effort in media, web technology and software. Since 2006, he has played a significant role in shaping the way that the IMA has applied technology and media to the mission of the museum. In 2007, Stein and the IMA launched the IMA Dashboard, a pioneering effort that supports and encourages transparency among museums, and have since released the tool under an open source license for the benefit of other institutions. More recently, the IMA created and released TAP, a mobile tour platform to help museums author and distribute mobile content both in the galleries and online. In 2009, Stein and colleagues launched the streaming video website, Awarded the 2009 American Association of Museums MUSE Award for Best Online Presence and the 2010 Best Overall Site award from the International Conference of Museums and the Web, ArtBabble brings together 28 prominent cultural organizations to create a true destination for art video online. Stein has also been instrumental in the success of the Steve.Museum social tagging project serving as both Project Director and Technical Lead on several of the project’s grant initiatives. He continues to advocate for the ways in which user generated data can be integrated with museum practice. As a result of the IMA’s leadership in technology, Stein and colleagues founded the IMA Lab in 2009 to offer software consulting services to the cultural sector seeking to increase the creation and adoption of open-source tools that benefit the community. Stein currently serves as Secretary on the Board of the Museum Computer Network and continues to be active in speaking and writing on topics related to museum transparency, technology and scholarly research.

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