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Best of the Web 2009: Nomination Process

Best of the Web Nomination Form

Here's how the Best of the Web 2009 is going to work.

What's required in a Nomination
  • To make a nomination complete the on-line form
    [always available from Contribute --> Best of the Web Nomination or click on Nominate a Site]
  • Complete ALL the fields:
    • Site Name [the formal name of the site, or part of a site]
    • Institution [the museum that launched the site; format this so it sorts in lists]
    • URL [the full, working URL for the site, starting with http:// Make sure you get this right. if we can't find the site, we can't review it.]
    • Category [pick the appropriate category; parts of sites that excel in a category do better in competition than home pages nominated in any category.]
    • Why [help the judges. highlight why this site is great at what it does. Cite specific pages by URL, include screen shots if desired. Upload a screenshot by clicking on the camera icon above the text area. Follow the prompts on the pop-up form; your image will be automatically resized. Put your image at the start of your text, and the words will flow around it.]
  • Preview your nomination and correct any problems. You CANNOT edit it once it has been submitted.
  • Submit your nomination. Once submitted, your nomination is final.

The Deadline

  • Nominations will be accepted until February 1, 2009.

The List of Nominations

The Review Process

People's Choice
  • Members of the community will vote for the "people's choice' award in April, 2009.
  • Voting is now open. Only registered users can vote for a site. Each user has one vote.
    If you haven't registered, feel free to set up an account. [All requests for accounts are reviewed; spam accounts will be deleted.]
The Awards Background

Need help?

jtrant's picture

There's a bit of a lag (Feb 1 - April 1) between closing of nominations and opening of the Best of the Web People's Choice voting. That's to give the everyone time to explore the sites!
We've also got a parallel review going on by our panel of judges [] who need time to review and rank all of the sites before Museums and the Web 2009. With more than 100 sites nominated, it usually takes a while to review and rank each category.
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