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Wolf Pine Design, Aten Design Group, In-house (Joe Douillette)

The website is ICA/Boston’s website dedicated to teen programs. This website was conceived and designed by teens participating in several after-school programs at the ICA, guided by the staff who support them. A web design firm was hired to work with the students and staff to realize both the design and functionality of the site beginning in August 2008. At each major stage of development and review, the Teen Arts Council, teens participating in video and media classes plus ICA staff were actively involved in direct discussion with the designers. Since the site launched in December 2009, teens in ICA programs have begun to post their work, profiles, and blog regularly.

The website is intended for three primary audiences.  One audience the site seeks to engage are students currently enrolled or recent alum of a class at the ICA.  The website is designed to offer students an elegant,  professional, and personal way to present their work to teachers, friends, colleges and potential employers. Teens and program alum are able to present a portfolio for their work produced at the ICA and on their own. Each profile page has a section devoted to a personal blog about new works-in-progress. Since the site's launch, the Teen Arts Council at the ICA recognized its potential to market their Teen Nights, post pictures of major events they have hosted at the ICA, and communicate with one another between meetings.

The second intended audience are potential students that are not yet aware of programs that are offered at the ICA. This site became an opportunity to list program offerings in a way that the larger institution’s website does not present as accessibly to a younger audience.  With teens directing us on the look and feel of the site, we feel that this site is much more user-friendly for teens who are looking to enroll in classes, attend teen nights and check out the work that their friends have produced. Since its launch last month, this site has been used for site-visits and presentations as a recruitment tool with local high schools, to great success.

The third intended audience are influential people that support teens, including parents, teachers, mentors, and community groups.  The site is intended to clearly and dynamically present the opportunities the ICA offers to teens, facilitating the process of registering and enrolling in our programs.

Ultimately, the site functions as an active space for the creation of new work, a recruitment tool for all of our programming, and a live archive of all work that has been and will be created in our programming.

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