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Wexner Center - Mobile Web

Wexner Center for the Arts
Alex Ford (in-house)

Knowing through user research that an increasing segment of our users are telling us their mobile devices are the main platform with which they consume information about upcoming events and connect with the Wexner Center, we undertook the project of developing a deep, rich mobile presence for our existing website ( Specifically optimized for iPods and iPhones, but also developed with other mobile browsers in mind (Android), the presence has made our information viewable front-and-center to the most leading edge consumers in our patron and member ranks.

Yet perhaps the most important aspect of this development project was that the entirety of the development process--and development kit and code--was documented and shared at the time of launch for the benefit of other arts institutions to get a "leg up" should they want to undertake their own, similar efforts. Firm believers in open source development, and knowing museums can often be challenged when it comes to web development resources, it was vitally important that we document and share the entire process so that other institutions may benefit from our knowledge.

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