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Vincent van Gogh - The Letters

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Van Gogh Museum and Huygens Institute-KNAW

In October 2009, the Van Gogh Museum completed over 15 years of research into the correspondence of Vincent van Gogh. All 902 letters by and to Van Gogh were re-transcribed, annotated, dated and translated, in partnership with the Huygens Institute, an academic institution that conducts research in the field of Dutch letters and the history of Dutch science. A complete, modern edition of the letters in book and web form was presented in October 2009.

The website comprises all 902 letters by and to Van Gogh in the languages in which they were originally written (Dutch and French) and furnished with the English translation. The letters are accompanied by images of the manuscripts together with the annotations and the illustrations of the works of art referred to in the correspondence. One of the very successful aspects of the web edition is the flexibility with which the different types of content can be viewed side by side: original text, translation, facsimile (digital image), illustrations of artwork, notes, etc. Furthermore, this large, all-encompassing web edition offers extensive search facilities and is freely accessible.

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